Shoveling Smoke - A Frantz Ward Lawcast

Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said that "lawyers spend a great deal of their time shoveling smoke." One interpretation of his remark is that lawyers take a vague concept or principle and give it shape, clearing away the smoke. Our podcast series will focus on current legal issues and news items that may affect your business, your community or you as an individual. Our attorneys – sometimes with a judge, client or other guest – will spend 15-20 minutes exploring an issue and, at the end, provide a few takeaways to assist you in making sense of the gray areas of law.




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‚ÄčEpisode 4  |  Changing of the Guard, Part 1: Employment Outlook under the Biden Administration
A new presidential administration and a shift in control of the Senate mean changes in the legal landscape as well. This three-part series will address the anticipated changes in the laws and regulations related to employment, health care and tax issues, and at the agencies responsible for enforcement of those laws. In Part 1, Frantz Ward Partner Brian Kelly guides us through the outlook on the labor and employment law front.

Guest : Brian J. Kelly    
Host : Christopher C. Koehler


‚ÄčEpisode 3  |  Forgiveness is Divine: Looking at the 2021 PPP
Frantz Ward partner Melissa Jones provides insight on the new rules and regulations of the 2021 version of the PPP and gives some ideas as to how your company's participation in the PPP might help your bottom line.

Guest : Melissa A. Jones    
Host : Michael E. Smith

‚ÄčEpisode 2  |  A Dose of Prevention - COVID Vaccine Primer for Employers
Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is poised for a more widespread roll-out, employers are finally able to develop plans to get their employees back to the workplace. But the vaccine will present employment law issues: Can you mandate that your employees get vaccinated? What do do if they refuse? Frantz Ward attorney Megan Bennett answers those questions and more to help employers navigate the reopening of their businesses.

Guest : Megan E. Bennett    
Host : Christopher C. Koehler


Episode 1  |  Where Have You Gone Mrs. Pfalsgraf?

Understanding Premises Liability in the COVID world. Frantz Ward Partner Pat Haggerty provides insights on protecting your business from potential liability for claims from people supposedly contracting COVID while on your property. We will discuss the types of claims you may face and the preventive strategies that will minimize your risks.

Guest : Patrick F. Haggerty    
Host : Michael E. Smith