Appellate Advocacy

Frantz Ward lawyers have substantial experience and knowledge in handling appellate matters in state and federal courts nationwide. Our team of appellate attorneys, who are regularly called upon to appeal cases handled by other firms in nearly every area of law, is dedicated to navigating the complex terrain of appellate law, ensuring client cases receive the highest level of scrutiny and persuasive advocacy at the appellate level. 

At the heart of our appellate practice is a commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients through meticulous legal research, strategic analysis, and compelling oral and written advocacy.

We litigate appeals and critical motions at the trial court level, represent clients at the appellate level in original actions and oral arguments, and are adept at identifying judicial error and legal issues to most effectively position them for appellate review. Our appellate lawyers possess a deep understanding of procedural rules, precedent and legal strategy, and come from all of our litigation-related practice areas, enabling us to serve diverse clients efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our appellate lawyers have applied their written and oral advocacy skills to the gamut of substantive legal issues. This includes matters involving business-related contractual disputes, employment discrimination and harassment claims, product liability, insurance coverage, health care, ERISA, real estate, antitrust, intentional torts, business torts, choice of law, bankruptcy, and the scope of the attorney-client privilege. In addition to representing parties to appellate proceedings, we have advocated on behalf of clients participating in appeals as amicus curiae. Several attorneys in our Appellate Practice Group have clerked for appellate judges.

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