Entrepreneurs and Growing Businesses

Frantz Ward was created by entrepreneurs who left comfortable circumstances to risk everything and follow their dreams. We understand the spirit and intensity involved in all aspects of creating a new business. Some of our most successful and largest clients today started out with us as small entities or even start-ups. We are proud that they have grown with us.

The services we provide include, of course, the basics of entity selection and formation, preparing useful corporate documentation, helping to manage the ongoing requirements of annual meetings and other formal requirements, assisting with government licensing and permits, defending against citations and claims, helping to put in place policies and benefits to maximize human capital, and navigating the complex regulatory environment. We also help with succession planning when that time comes. Perhaps more important, we provide advice, based upon our deep experience with companies, industries, government and resolving disputes, about avoiding problems before they arise and capturing the greatest advantage from opportunities. We do our best when we serve as trusted partners to our business owner clients.

As an expression of our support for business owners, we have had volunteers serve COSE (the Council for Smaller Enterprises in Northern Ohio), the National Small Business Association, the Employers Resource Council, the Ohio Manufacturers Association, the Ohio Cast Metals Association and the Great Lakes Funding Network. Our lawyers have been recognized for their service, but perhaps more importantly, our clients have received recognition for their success, including multiple clients receiving recognition in the Weatherhead 100 and the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.
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