Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

The data privacy and cybersecurity landscape is evolving very rapidly. Frantz Ward attorneys understand the intricacy in preparing a business for potential threats as well as the urgency in providing counsel during and after a breach. Frantz Ward has breadth and depth in data privacy issues, including a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) and a Certified Financial Crime Specialist.

Some of our experience is highlighted below:
  • Prepare agreements and policies related to privacy issues, including Bring Your Own Device policies, website privacy policies, e-commerce and e-communication policies, and related litigation.
  • Counsel, prepare and revise privacy policies and website terms of use to comply with state and federal statutes and international regulations, such as GDPR.
  • Conduct state, national, and international privacy and data security compliance counseling, risk assessment, and gap analysis.
  • Develop administrative safeguards for data storage, permissions standards, and data management practices.
  • Conduct employee and vendor awareness training related to data privacy and access issues.
  • Counsel clients as to the purchase of appropriate insurance coverage and management of insurance claims, indemnification and recovery for data privacy and access issues.
  • Counsel clients in all aspects of HIPAA compliance and privacy and security as to protected health information, including developing and implementing policies, as well as training and managing response to breach incidents.
  • Assess notice requirements in licensing and vendor agreements to evaluate response obligations after data breach or disclosure of proprietary and competitive information.
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