Nonprofit Organizations

The importance of the nonprofit sector has exploded in recent years, with increasing roles in social services, health care, philanthropy, education, research and public policy. Public charities, private foundations and advocacy enterprises have also come under increasing scrutiny for compliance.

Frantz Ward attorneys are heavily involved in public service and volunteer activities. This experience provides a solid foundation for our services to nonprofits. Our clients and supported groups include significant health care providers, social service organizations, philanthropic foundations, private schools, charter schools, and colleges and universities. We provide assistance in the formation, operation, governance, and compliance of nonprofit organizations. We routinely advise nonprofits on the process for obtaining and maintaining tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service and from other state and local taxing authorities. We counsel clients with respect to corporate governance issues, including board governance processes and procedures. We represent nonprofit clients with respect to employment issues, including labor negotiations, workers’ compensation compliance, and employee compensation arrangements, including benefit issues specific to the nonprofit area. We negotiate the terms of contracts with private suppliers and customers, and government contracts and grants.

Many of our clients wish to apply their drive and expertise to philanthropy. We assist them in determining the right form of organization, their gifting options, and in establishing private or public foundations and funds, and with regulatory compliance related to those activities.

In the public advocacy arena, we represent trade associations, business groups, and special interest organizations, helping them to maximize their impact while being in full compliance with law. These organizations enable their members or supporters to present ideas and defend positions than would be difficult for the members to advance on an individual basis.


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