Episode 13

Episode 13  |  Criminal Sentencing Reform: A Conversation with Supreme Court of Ohio Justice Michael Donnelly - In light of the wide disparity of sentences for felonies across Ohio, the Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission has developed and is implementing a Criminal Sentencing Database designed to provide judges with data to rely upon when crafting sentences. Supreme Court of Ohio Justice Michael Donnelly, one of the leading advocates of the program, joins the podcast to discuss the initiative’s importance to all Ohioans, not just for those involved in the criminal justice system, and explain how the program brings more fairness and transparency to sentencing. Frantz Ward’s Managing Partner, Chris Keim, also Co-Chair of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association’s Racial Equity And the Law work group on Criminal Justice Reform, joins in the conversation to discuss the value of the program and report on his group’s role in its adoption by the courts..
Podcast First Aired: August 17, 2021

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