OSHA, MSHA and Other Workplace Safety Improvements

Frantz Ward represents and advises employers in all phases of compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Mine Safety and Health Act, state administrative safety regulations, and related workplace safety issues.

Clients receive practical guidance in complying with the Act’s complicated regulatory framework. We assist clients in developing OSHA compliance programs, focusing on record-keeping requirements, on-site investigatory procedures, and pre-investigation compliance audits. We offer legal and technical assistance for employers in interpreting and applying the latest OSHA and state rules and regulations.

In addition to compliance issues, we represent employers in all phases of OSHA/MSHA-related litigation, including administrative negotiations, contesting and appealing citations and penalties, and appellate review. We have a long history of OSHA success, reaching back to the earliest days of OSHA, where our lawyers handled some of the first cases that reined in OSHA’s search policies by requiring it to obtain warrants based upon probable cause. We also worked to challenge OSHA’s proposed ergonomics rule, which was eventually rejected by Congress in early 2001.

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