A number of features set Frantz Ward’s Litigation Practice Group apart from other law firms. Our attorneys have extensive experience trying cases. That trial experience equips Frantz Ward lawyers with the ability to defend clients in court and to advise clients on how to avoid or resolve disputes by the most efficient means possible. Our lawyers are experienced at negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and other alternatives to a full scale courtroom battle. However, when circumstances dictate trial as the best alternative, our experienced trial lawyers are ready.

An early and ongoing dialogue ensures our clients understand the status of their matter and the costs and benefits of future actions. Constant communication allows us to periodically assess with our clients their goals and the ideal path to achieve those goals. Predictability and success are our hallmarks.

Our depth and breadth of our experience is another distinguishing factor. We have represented individuals and companies in a wide variety of commercial, tort, contract, negligence, malpractice, employment-related and intellectual property cases. We have represented clients in federal and state trial and appellate courts, before administrative tribunals, and in arbitrations, mediations, and other dispute resolution procedures. The perspective gained in these diverse representations have earned us the title as trusted advisors and counsel to our clients.

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