Coronavirus Counseling

Coronavirus/COVID-19 is impacting businesses of virtually every type and size, requiring sound business and legal advice and planning. Frantz Ward has compiled a multi-disciplinary team of attorneys who are keeping up to date on the emerging issues and are providing practical advice to our clients that cuts through the hysteria. This team consists of members of each of our practice groups, and is advising clients regarding the myriad of employment, supply chain, contractual, data, health care, insurance and other business implications.
We are encouraging clients not to succumb to panic, but to be proactive, since the ultimate scope of this event is yet to be determined. Steps like checking the CDC website for regular updates, aligning company policies with governmental recommendations and keeping employees fully updated as to individual corporate response protocols will be important for many businesses. For assistance in developing strategies to protect your business, please contact Frantz Ward Partners Brian Kelly or Christopher Koehler and they will engage the appropriate members of the response team. 

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