Professional Liability

The breadth, depth and scope of laws and regulations challenging a professional’s conduct increase daily and present constantly evolving challenges for individuals who make their livelihood giving advice to others. Frantz Ward provides comprehensive representation for professionals who face potential liability for tort and contract claims based on the professionals’ conduct in their business operations or who seek assistance in defending against administrative charges from governing bodies responsible for oversight of a particular profession. Our representation includes attorneys, accountants, investment advisors, and other financial professionals, real estate brokers, architects, engineers, and surveyors.

Frantz Ward brings a wealth of experience to handle professional liability issues in a pragmatic fashion designed to achieve a speedy and successful resolution while minimizing the disruption to the professional’s ongoing business activities.

Our attorneys:

  • Are architects and engineers who address daily the issues presented to those professions
  • Have significant financial background experience
  • Have provided years of representation to real estate brokers
  • Have lengthy experience in the attorney ethics arena, including serving on attorney grievance committees and prosecuting and defending attorneys charged with wrongful conduct
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