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Frantz Ward Achieves Midsize Mansfield Rule Certification for DEI Initiatives

Frantz Ward is proud to announce its achievement of the Midsize Mansfield Rule Certification, signifying the firm's proactive efforts in breaking down barriers and fostering an environment that promotes equity, inclusion and diversity within the legal industry.

"Our commitment to fostering a more inclusive legal environment remains unwavering," stated Managing Partner Christopher Keim. “Joining the 2022-2023 cohort for Midsize Mansfield Rule Certification demonstrates our continued dedication to diversity at every level.”

The Mansfield Certification, established by Diversity Lab, sets specific diversity and inclusion criteria that firms must meet within an 18-month evaluation period. Frantz Ward actively engaged in this process, implementing changes and initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and equity in various aspects, including hiring, promotions and leadership appointments.

For more information about the Mansfield Midsize Certification, please click here.

Nora Loftus, Chair of Frantz Ward’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee, emphasized the firm's commitment. "The Mansfield Certification is a significant milestone that showcases our dedication to creating an inclusive environment,” Nora said. “It validates our efforts in promoting diversity and equity, motivating us to continue pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks for DEI initiatives."

Frantz Ward’s DEI Committee and team members hold a strong sense of accomplishment and commitment to the firm’s ongoing efforts in promoting DEI, including:

·       Annual third-party DEI training for all attorneys and managers

·       Participating in the Diverse Attorney Pipeline Program (DAPP) for women of color law students.

·       Sponsoring of the FDCC Ladder Down Program for women lawyers' leadership and mentorship.

·       Participating in various community events and organizations promoting diversity, including Karamu House, Rainey Institute, and more.

·       Active involvement in the Racial Equity and the Law (REAL) Working Groups for justice reform.

·       Dedicating conference rooms in honor of historical contributions.

Frantz Ward values the importance of equity, inclusion and diversity, and understands that a diverse workplace enriches our employees' personal and professional lives. We believe we provide a stronger and better place to work, think and grow when we draw from the views of people with diverse backgrounds and characteristics, such as different races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, abilities and ages.

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