Property Division & Financial Misconduct

Frantz Ward works diligently with clients to identify all assets and liabilities acquired during the marriage, regardless of title, including bank accounts, retirement benefits, vehicles, life insurance, home equity, real estate investments, personal property, credit cards, and other debts. We are attentive and determined to ensure full financial disclosure to create fair, lasting, and enforceable agreements and results. 
We pride ourselves on providing clients all available information and advising clients on all options, while respecting their personal decisions in advancing their case. While property division must be equitable and equal, we are conscientious of a client’s overall wellbeing including short-term needs, cash-flow, longevity planning, potential tax consequences, and global desires in structuring settlements and litigation tactics.        
Separate Property Tracing and Analysis.  We utilize our strong investigative skills to identify, assert, and defend separate property claims on behalf of clients, which can include premarital property, inheritance, gifts, personal injury damages, and prenuptial agreement rights. Our team compiles documents and evidence to support or defend separate property claims to avoid or support the division of those assets. Even when separate assets are comingled with marital monies, we carefully trace the origin and subsequent path of those assets to preserve or shield as much as possible.
Financial Misconduct. When applicable, Frantz Ward is determined to identify and trace potentially dissipated assets including those wrongfully depleted, transferred, or hidden. At times, we will employ the assistance of experts and forensic accountants to find the alleged missing assets.
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