Professionals, Executive Compensation & Corporate Benefits

Matters that involve professionals and high-income wage earners need careful attention and consideration to avoid costly results. Such matters encompass complicated and complex compensation and benefits, which effect both property division and support rights. Frantz Ward has experience in identifying such issues and providing comprehensive advice on the best allocation including potential restrictions, tax treatment, and other legal arguments to support or defend the inclusion or division.    
Complex Compensation and Its Impact on Spousal Support and Child Support.
Frantz Ward works with clients to establish non-traditional income for spousal support and child support calculation purposes. We review multitier income structures to determine what should be included, disregarded, or averaged in a legal determination including bonuses, commissions, stock options and dividends, and non-recurring compensation. We also consider the impact of in-kind benefits such as the payment or reimbursement of vehicles, cell phones, and travel and entertainment expenses. Our team effectively examines a client’s potential exposure or likelihood of success to strategize the best presentation of credible claims.      
Unique Tangible Benefits and Its Impact on Property Division.
Our team is equipped to determine the allocation, buyout, and division of complex assets and benefits including corporate stock, stock options, pensions, and qualified or non-qualified accounts and retirement benefits regardless of its vested or unvested classification. We have experience in reviewing corporate plans and related documents to determine the effects of transfer and division including any restrictions or tax consequences that would affect either party’s claims.
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