When issues and conflict arise post-divorce, Frantz Ward takes the time to understand all elements of the situation and determine the best course of action for both immediate issues as well as future concerns.
  • Support Enforcement. Our team prosecutes and defends actions where an obligor fails to pay support or other court-ordered financial obligations. We pursue all available remedies to enforce the court order including contempt proceedings, lump-sum judgments, and wage attachments and garnishments.
  • Spousal Support and Child Support Modification. We counsel clients through the support modification process when there is a change in circumstances. After assessing the claim, we provide pragmatic advice on whether a modification would be permissible based on the last court order, and, if so, the potential range of outcomes including the most successful and cost-effective avenue.
  • Custody and Parenting Plan Modification. Over time, a modification of custody, parenting time, or other parenting plan provisions may be warranted. Frantz Ward understands the sensitive nature of parenting disputes and designs the best course of action to address and resolve the issues. We strive to resolve post-divorce issues through negotiations, but if necessary, we will prosecute or defend the necessary motions in court.
  • Transfer of Custody Jurisdiction and UCCJEA. With the transient nature of employment and other situations, families frequently relocate from one state to another. Once the children become residents of Ohio for at least six months, Ohio may become the "home state" supporting the assumption of jurisdiction over the parenting orders. In such instances, we help parents file the appropriate petition and motions to pursue future modifications in Ohio rather than the initial state.
  • Property Division Compliance. Frantz Ward assists clients with the implementation of court orders including the transfer of real estate, retirement benefits, and monetary buyouts. When a party is harmed by the other party's inaction or violation, we find and pursue relief including contempt, restraining orders, and attorney fees. We also aggressively defend such claims by identifying and evaluating all available defenses including substantial compliance, inability to pay, and the passage of time.
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