Parenting Coordination

Frantz Ward serves as a professionally trained parenting coordinator that works with families (post-divorce) to implement their parenting plans, which minimizes conflict and restores relationships. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the parenting coordinator has authority to make decisions as defined by the court order. The parenting coordinator utilizes tools such as education, case management, coaching, and decision-making to help parents co-parent without court involvement. As such, we are a valuable asset to manage conflict while a family is in transition.
Parenting Coordinator Services:
  • Case Management: oversees and coordinates parents, children, and professionals
  • Education/Coaching: helps parents improve communication and co-parenting
  • Conflict Management: works with parents to problem-solve solutions to issues
  • Decision Making: renders recommendations/decisions as a last resort
Benefits of parenting coordination for parents:
  • Help parents co-parent in separate households
  • Provide parents a healthy mechanism to work through issues
  • Collectively make decisions that are in the best interest of children
  • Encourage parents to shy away from court when issues arise
  • Provide parents an opportunity to find meaningful resolutions
  • Shared cost and less expensive than re-hiring lawyers
Benefits of a parenting coordination for children:
  • Achieve a successful implementation of the parenting plan
  • Shield children from the exposure of disagreements
  • Reduce children’s stress that results from parental conflict
  • Create an optimal environment and adjustment at home
  • Increase the likelihood of both parents being active in the children’s lives
Benefits of a parenting coordination for the legal community:
  • Deflect “non-legal” issues to a neutral professional
  • Saves time for professionals and money for clients
  • Prompt resolution of day-to-day issues
  • Prevent unnecessary litigation
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