Frantz Ward serves as a professionally-trained divorce mediator. We are jointly hired by the parties to facilitate confidential discussions to help them make informed decisions and reach an agreement on the issues. Mediation focuses on problem solving and provides the parties control over the outcome. As a result, this process can be less expensive, both financially and emotionally. While a mediator cannot provide legal advice, it places the parties in the driver’s seat to determine the outcome, which can be empowering and rewarding.
Benefits of mediation for the parties:
  • Confidential and avoids the public display of private, personal problems
  • Less expensive, both financially and emotionally
  • Participants control the timetable, communications, and outcome
  • Faster and less stressful than litigation
  • Addresses the unique needs of each dispute
  • Encourages communication and cooperation on current and future issues
  • Establishment of temporary arrangements
Benefits of mediation for the professional community:
  • Delegates issues ripe for discussions and resolution
  • Promotes timely resolutions
  • Client satisfaction
  • Case finality
  • Clients are less likely to return to court
  • Allows attorneys to act in a “consultant” capacity


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