Child Support

We successfully settle and litigate child support matters for both establishment and modification. In March 2019, the Ohio child support laws substantially changed, and we are well versed in those changes and the court's implementation.

Child support is determined by Ohio "guidelines" that factor in each parent's respective income, cost of health insurance, childcare, parenting time, and other potential deviation factors. We employ specialized software to run guideline scenarios, which provides our clients prompt feedback on possible outcomes.

We also address children's expenses that exist outside of the child support calculation, including extracurricular activities, private school, college savings, school supplies, and out-of-pocket medical expenses.

High-Income and Impact on Child Support
Like spousal support, child support that involves high-income individuals requires creativity and strategy. For combined incomes that exceed $336,000 annually, child support is calculated based on the standard of living of the parents and the children had the relationship continued. Our attorneys are equipped to evaluate that standard of living to ascertain the appropriate amount of child support, and potential range of outcomes on a case-by-case basis.

Determining Income
Frantz Ward is also equipped to evaluate, analyze, and establish income where a parent is self-employed, unemployed or underemployed, may be concealing income through a business or related entity, or receives in-kind benefits through his or her employment, including non-traditional corporate compensation benefits. If necessary, we employ vocational experts and forensic accountants to determine "income" for purposes of calculating support. These experts can review employment histories and business ledgers, books, and records to impute or average income.

Special Needs Children and Child Support After Emancipation
Special needs children will likely need continued care and financial support past emancipation. We thoughtfully evaluate the continuation of child support based on children's physical or mental disabilities, including the consideration, availability, and impact of government sponsored funding and programs. We work with parents to file such claims with the court prior to children reaching 18-years-old to designate them as Castle children when their disabilities render them incapable of supporting themselves.
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