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Attorney Tom Haren Quoted in News 5 Article on Marijuana Launch

"'Cannabis regulated like plutonium': Security measures causing delays in marijuana launch date"
September 7, 2018

Excerpt from the article: 

"Unmarked cars, travel point A to point B, randomized routes, manifests before and after delivery." said Frantz Ward LLP Attorney Tom Haren, explaining some of the basic procedures medical marijuana companies will have to follow. 

Haren represents medical marijuana businesses and says the state has been working with those companies when they have questions about the many regulations. 

"The worst thing for the program would be some type of criminal activity of some kind of adulterated product making its way into the market and into the hands of the patient," said Haren. 

But a major concern that will be around even after the industry is off the ground surrounds a different kind of green.

"To the extent criminals are robbing places, they want the cash, not the marijuana," said Haren. 

The reason there's so much cash laying around is mostly due to federal law. 

"To the extent there is criminal activity, it's mainly due to the lack of adequate access to banking services," said Haren. 

Banks and credit card companies have been slow to allow medical marijuana businesses in other states to open accounts, making it a cash business. Haren says until the federal law changes, it'll stay that way.

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