Michael Chesney and Brian Kelly Conduct Webinar with Ohio Manufacturers' Association

"New Department of Labor Overtime Rule"
Ohio Manufacturers' Association
June 29, 2016
Topics include:
  • What changes the rules make to the minimum salary level for the administrative, executive and professional exempt classifications
  • How bonuses, incentive payments and commissions can be counted toward the new minimum salary level
  • What impact the new rules have on individuals classified as highly compensated employees
  • How the minimum salary level will be calculated and established in the future and whether employers will need to make further changes
  • What options employers have with regard to exempt employees currently receiving a salary below the new minimum salary level
  • Other practical pointers and guidance to navigate these changes and to avoid the consequences of noncompliance
To register, go to My OMA at www.ohiomfg.com (login required, then click on Register for Events). More information can be found here.

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