Results matter. But how you achieve those results matters just as much.

At Frantz Ward, we recognize that every legal issue a client faces presents a unique challenge that demands a unique solution. While not every transaction or lawsuit requires a large team of lawyers and the full resources of the client, some do. In concert with our clients, we formulate the most appropriate legal strategy early in every matter. To us a court victory or closed transaction is not a success if our client is not equally pleased with the means we took to reach that end.

Our emphasis on the means rather than the end is an outgrowth of the foundation upon which Frantz Ward was established in 2000 - the principle that we would counsel our clients, solving even the most complex legal problems, in a practical and cost-effective manner. Our attorneys have the breadth of experience necessary to address the myriad of legal issues, regardless of complexity or size, which our clients encounter.

Client service is a top priority at Frantz Ward because our success is dependent on your success. Our national client base, from individuals and professionals, to small and medium businesses, to Fortune 500 companies, is an affirmation of our ability to successfully execute our founding philosophy to achieve our clients' goals.